What's Your Story

I am a creative storyteller in the post-production industry. I am an Editor based in Atlanta, GA. I was first introduced to the craft through my love of sports and an interest in journalism. I thrive in a multitude of cutting room environments.

I am Erich Hoberg and iEdit Creative TV (unscripted, narrative, live event coverage), sports-related and branded content, and corporate messaging campaigns for screens of any size. I provide comprehensive editorial solutions.

Don't Just Push the Button

My journey didn't start with a camera and re-enacting scenes. It started with an interest in journalism and documenting things. I first learned the craft at CNN/SI during the height of sports highlight shows. 25 years later, experience creating stories quickly while scrutinizing every frame is as valuable as ever. Of course, I've witnessed how the industry's evolution became the disruptive changes it is facing today. Yet another opportunity to grown, learn, and adapt.

Through it all, collaborating directly with Producers, Directors, and other creative vendors to develop concepts, discover unforeseen stories, and add just the right finishing touch is still my favorite part of the creative process. I'm always open to new ideas and share my own thoughts and ideas constructively. I'm trusted to leverage that shared creativity and my technical expertise of hardware and software to create multi-dimensional stories that evoke human emotion.

The Sum is Greater Than its Parts

iEdit Creative values the contributions to the creative process from these talented professionals. They elevate our work and help it stand out in today's crowded content landscape.


Perhaps the most frequent collaborator, Jason is the go-to in-house colorist and 3D motion graphics artist. Whether for broadcast networks or corporate clients, Jason provides the right amount of visual polish and finishes to the desired spec for delivery. Check out his work at www.greydogcreative.com


Ed is an experienced Executive Producer who is highly skilled at project development and production under his banner, Cognitive Production and Development. He has successfully guided multiple raw reality concepts through the development process from beginning to end and then gone on to ovrsee all aspects of production once given the green light. Ed is a trusted partner in the story telling process. iEdit Creative has worked closely with Ed on several series for the Discovery family of networks ("Naked Speed", "What's in The Barn", and "Cafe Racer") to craft compelling reality based entertainment. Our latest project together "Caffeine and Octane" is in its fifth season on NBC Sports Network.


Brian is a talented storyteller and finishing editor. He continually pushes the envelope creatively and excels at developing the overall look, feel, and pace of reality programs for broadcast television. We have worked together on "Naked Speed", "What's in The Barn", "Cafe Racer", and "Caffeine and Octane" and he elevates the story each and every time. Both his professional work and more playful side are on display at www.allcapps.net


President of Lasser Productions, Peter is a veteran Producer of live sports coverage and live-to-tape event production. He collaborates with the Creative At Trabert collective on events for broadcast networks throughout the year. Peter relies on his vast industry knowledge and his extensive network to pull off just about any conceivable production. iEdit Creative has worked consistently with Peter to elevate the production value of pre-produced elements and post-produce live-to-tape shows for NBC, ESPN, and others. Our latest effort together gives the stories of USA Swimming athletes a presence on the web.


Chris is an editor primarily focused on shortform projects serving the corporate world. He is also wealth of technical information who helps all of us in the collective keep our clients' intellectual property safe and secure and ensures technical operations run smoothly. He's also the guy we turn to when conforming shows for international delivery.


Raoul is a Sound Designer who frequently collaborates with the Creative at Trabert collective. A gifted musician too boot and never one to do the bare minimum, Raoul routinely goes above and beyond to make sure things sounds as good as they look. Whether is foley or originally licensed music and scoring, he delivers a final mix that meets delivery spec and, when applicable, FCC mandates for program audio.


Juan has lent his ear and audio mixing skills to "Caffeine and Octane." His experiences from a 15-year career working with the biggest names in broadcast and advertising come to the fore front on this highly demanding audio driven show. Juan excels at adding depth and realism to the existing music and natural sounds. To hear what we mean visit www.juanbaez.com


Perry is a Brooklyn, New York based Producer, Director, and Cinematographer. His razor sharp creative instincts have contributed to the look and feel of numerous unscripted series. His diverse body of work includes reality television, features and short films, commercials, and EPK packages for noted Interscope artists Beck, Pharell, The Black Eyed Peas, and others. iEdit Creative has collaborated with Perry for years on various EPK's, promos and digital shorts to include "The Stick", "The Mule", "Mandom Thoughts", "180 Seconds", and "Two Comics On A Bench". Find out more at perrystrong.com

Ready To Start? Let's Finish it

A skilled Editor with 25 years of experience developing and crafting compelling unscripted and narrative storylines, live event coverage, and highly visible sports-related and branded content, and corporate campaigns for screens of any size.

Skills include a proficiency in Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop. I know enough After Effects to be "dangerous" and I know my way around Davinci Resolve for media management and round trip workflows. I am highly organized, detail-oriented, and adaptable. I manage time and deadlines well.

My experience includes other editorial duties too. I'm comfortable with more technical roles like data wrangling and DIT, tracking and creating changelists, turnovers, and deliverables for multiple points of distribution. I have designed entire post-production workflows to ensure proper media management that secures intellectual property and maximizes efficiency.

Eye of the Beholder

If you ask me, my work is rarely finished. There is always something that can be refined or tweaked right up until a major milestone or the ultimate deadline. It doesn't matter if stories have time to develop over a longer period of time for a reality series on networks like MotorTrend and The Weather Channel, narrative projects, branded content, promos, and corporate projects or if the stories unfold in unexpected ways at a breakneck pace in the world of sports on TNT, TBS, ESPN, and NBC, I'm almost always refining the edit, like a chef does his or her dish in a cooking competition series, right up to the very end.

My main goal is to suck the viewer in and lose themselves in a story. It's no wonder then, that the edits most people don't even notice are the ones I take the most pride in.


Powered to Suite

How and where we work has definitely changed over the course of my career. The desire and abillity to convey a compelling story of the utmost quality remains the same. Whether in my midtown suite, on site at events, or remote over gigabit fiber ethernet, I can provide whatever the workflow warrants. Regardless my kit is professionally outfitted with the latest hardware from Apple and Black Magic Design, color critical FSI monitoring, and close to 100tb of storage to boot. Whatever the workflow warrants, I can provide it.

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