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Caffeine and Octane on NBCSN Promo

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What's Your Story

Located in Atlanta's popular Westside neighborhood, iEdit Creative specializes in providing content creation and comprehensive post-production services for broadcast and digital distribution. We actively contribute to the creative process from script-to-screen delivering stories that evoke a human response.

Don't Just Push the Button

iEdit Creative believes the creative process is at its best when it is a collective effort and we have a long standing practice of collaboration. With that in mind, we've teamed up with the very best creative professionals around to form Creative At Trabert. Together, we create an ongoing creative partnership with our clients making your story, our story.

The Sum is Greater Than its Parts
Erich Hoberg

After stops at CNN, The Weather Channel, and Turner Sports, Erich founded iEdit Creative with an emphasis on strong storytelling. He engages with clients throughout the process and thinks about the material critically from the outset. He actively contributes to a project's success by effeciently organizing elements, and establishing appropriate workflows. He leverages strong shot sequencing skills, proper pacing, boundless creativity and technical expertise of today's popular software packages to shape and refine edits with a purpose. Erich is skilled at telling intricate stories of any genre with remarkable clarity.

Having worked on reality programing with robust media libraries and minimal supervision, live sports coverage under tight deadlines, and corporate messaging or promotional campaigns where a single frame can make the difference and every decision is scrutinized; Erich is comfortable no matter the post-production environment.

Jason Boucher

Housed alongside iEdit Creative in the Creative At Trabert collective, Jason is President and C.E.O. of Greydog Creative ( His work encompasses all things production. From producing and directing shoots in the field to color grading or creating motion graphics, animated scenes and 3D environments in the suite, Jason is our go to collaborator when we need to add the right finishing touch.

Ed Coughlin

Another Creative At Trabert collaborator, Ed is an experienced Executive Producer who is highly skilled at project development and production under his new banner, Cognitive Production and Development. He has successfully guided multiple raw reality concepts through the development process from beginning to end and then gone on to ovrsee all aspects of production once given the green light. iEdit Creative has worked closely with Ed on several series airing on the Discovery family of networks ("Naked Speed", "What's in The Barn", and "Cafe Racer") to craft compelling reality based entertainment. The duo will team up again on the forthcoming "Caffeine And Octane."

Peter Lasser

President of Lasser Productions, Peter is a veteran Producer of live sports coverage and live-to-tape event production. He collaborates with Creative At Trabert collective. Peter relies on his vast industry knowledge and his extensive network to pull off just about any conceivable production. iEdit Creative has worked consistently with Peter to elevate the production value of pre-produced elements and post-produce live-to-tape shows for NBC, ESPN, and others. We recently collaborated with Peter to establish a video presence for USA Swimming on the Web to include athlete biographies ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Brian Capps

Brian Capps has been honing his skills as an editor on multiple reality programs for the past 10 years. He recently made a name for himself at allcapps creative ( and is a valued part of the Creative At Trabert collective. Brian deftly distills material to discover the central theme and approaches it with unbridled creativity. Brian is as comfortable crafting stories as he is compiling sizzle reels or conforming programs to network specification for final delivery. His attention to detail ensures the final product reaches the audience as intended. iEdit Creative has collaborated with Brian to establish a video presence on the web for USA Swimming and to conform reality stories for network distribution.

Raoul Klokow

Raoul is a Sound Designer who frequently collaborates with the Creative at Trabert collective. Relying on industry standard software, he not only meets network specification and FCC mandates for program audio; but he also adds realism to existing audio and is more than capable of creating entire sundscapes. Raoul lends an ear to iEdit Creative posted shows airing on NBC, ESPN and CBS Sports Network. Raoul is also a gifted musician and has worked with major musical acts. He also works closely can create original scores and provide licensed original music when requested.

Barry Dycus

Barry heads up Peachtree Films, LLC ( A skilled Director of Photography and Cinematographer, Barry leverages his wealth of experience with an ability to stay current with technology. His work with the varicam, RED and most recently the Sony FS 700 has garnered Barry three Emmy Awards and numerous nominations. Barry served as the Director of Photography and Cinematographer on Backstage Pass: Toby Keith, which was post produced by iEdit Creative for Cox Communications.

Perry Strong

Perry is a Brooklyn, New York based Producer, Director, and Cinematographer. His razor sharp creative instincts have contributed to the look and feel of numerous unscripted series. His diverse body of work includes reality television, features and short films, commercials, and EPK packages for noted Interscope artists Beck, Pharell, The Black Eyed Peas, and others. iEdit Creative has collaborated with Perry for years on various EPK's, promos and digital shorts to include "The Stick" and "The Mule".

Ready To Start? Let Us Finish

Whether you need complete message development and production solutions or you are ready to focus on the details in post, you will benefit from the collaborative culture you'll experience at iEdit Creative.

iEdit Creative and its collaborators offer story conceptulization, program development, HD, 2K, and 4K Digital production services, media management, editorial, color grading, 3D animations, and sound design. We conform to network or digital specification and deliver in HD, 2K, 4K, BluRay, streaming, and emerging digital formats.

We recognize that every client and project has unique objectives and specifications. As part of the larger Creative At Trabert collective, iEdit Creative easily scales its services to maximize effeciency and allow art and budget to coexist.

Eye of the Beholder

Our work is seen throughout the year on ESPN, TNT, TBS, Velocity, NBC, the web and elsewhere. While we've received notoriety from time to time, we believe our best edits are those that go "unnoticed". That's right. We take pride in seamlessly editing elements together to create cohesive stories that look and feel natural.

Check out our work featured in the reel above the navigation bar to see where our true creativity lies.

How Suite it Is

If it's not obvious by now, stories and everything needed to tell them well is central to everything iEdit Creative does. Nowhere is this more evident than in our redisigned suite. A comfortable living room style client viewing area complete with a comfortable couch, lounge chair, and 46" client monitor are front and center for unobstructed viewing. The client and edit workstations have been moved to the rear of the room and sit side-by-side to encourage greater client engagement when editorial decisions are being made.

iEdit Creative is geared to meet the challenges of the changing post-production landscape. As you'd expect, we feature a HD Finishing suite with a full compliment of NLE products from Avid and Adobe, color grading, graphic, and animation software solutions and the power to maximize efficiency. With a redundant in-suite 12 TB raid, a networked media staging server, and a 48 TB shared storage solution with dedicated network connections optimized for Avid, your media is not only safe and secure but readily available for easy collaboration on bigger projects.

Check out the full specs here.

Powered to Suite
  • 8-Core MacPro
  • 24GB Ram
  • 12TB Raid Level 5 Protection
  • Adobe CC, Avid Media Composer
  • 17" FSI Multi-format Broadcast Monitor
  • Dynaudio BM-5A audio monitors
  • 46" Samsung 1080p LED Client Monitor
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